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The Scarlet A: Links between the Anthrax attacks and 911

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Scarlet A: Links between the Anthrax Attacks and 9/11

By Barbara Honegger

The author is a senior military affairs journalist, and former
White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant to the President
in the first Reagan Administration. She is the author of the 9/11 expose
“The Pentagon Attack Papers” and October Surprise (Tudor, 1989), the first book to reveal the true
origins of the Iran side of the Iran/Contra scandal.

With the Government’s claim that Bruce Ivins, a bio-warfare scientist
at the Army’s Ft. Detrick bio-laboratory, is behind the anthrax attacks,
the Bush Administration has now officially acknowledged the attacks
were not perpetrated by ‘Al Qaeda’ – or by Iraq -- but were their own
false flag inside job.

We already know from the evidence compiled by the 9/11 Truth movement
that the 9/11 attacks were also a false flag inside job, and the FBI itself has said
‘Al Qaeda’ didn’t do it: Both Director Mueller and the FBI's top investigative
spokesman have stated publicly for the record that “There is no hard evidence”
linking bin Laden – and thus Al Qaeda – to 9/11, and bin Laden has never
been wanted for 9/11 on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ page.

As both the anthrax attacks and 9/11 were inside jobs – now admitted by
the Bush Administration for the anthrax -- any evidence directly linking
the acknowledged-inside-job anthrax attacks to 9/11 would be an effective
official admission that Sept. 11 itself was also an inside job. And if there
is evidence linking the anthrax to 9/11, we can infer that the Government/
military individuals who planned and perpetrated the anthrax attacks also
planned and perpetrated 9/11.

The hand-written date on the letters mailed with the anthrax is Sept. 11, 2001.
Though the official story that the ‘first’ anthrax attack -- on Florida photo
journalist Bob Stevens, from which he died -- wasn’t mailed until at least
a week after 9/11 (though the FBI claims that letter has never been found)
and therefore that the anthrax is not directly linked to 9/11, it’s clear from
the date on the letters that whoever wrote and mailed them and added the
super-weaponized US military anthrax wants you to believe there was
a direct connection.

So is there any evidence that there actually is a direct connection
between anthrax and 9/11 itself? Yes, there is:

The day before 9/11, Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld
announced that Project Jefferson, a secret and illegal U.S. Gov’t
offensive bio-weaponization program begun in 1999, had achieved
‘success’ in creating hyper-weapon-grade anthrax. In early Sept. 2001,
a classified dispersal test of the anthrax had been run in the Nevada desert.

Mayor Giuliani's New York City Office of Emergency Management
(OEM) had a pre-planned bio-chem-terrorism emergency response exercise
called TRIPOD II scheduled, he testified to the 9/11 Commission,
to begin the day after 9/11. But the special personnel, including
from FEMA and the National Guard, who were to take part in the
exercise were already in NYC on Sept. 10th -- the day before 9/11 --
and OEM personnel had been cleared out of their offices on the
23rd floor of WTC 7 on Sept. 11 and moved to the command and
communications center for the bio-chem-terrorism exercise on a
New York pier, and so were out of the bldg. that was brought down
by controlled demolition on 9/11 using preplaced charges later that day.
An Army base just across the water from NYC, New Jersey’s Ft. Monmouth,
also, held a ‘II’ exercise on the morning of 9/11 called TIMELY ALERT II
(like Giuliani’s TRIPOD II).

Jerome “Jerry” Hauer – a bio-warfare expert and one of the signers of the
pre-9/11 PNAC Manifesto calling for a "new Pearl Harbor” (such as 9/11)
who had been director of Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management
conveniently moved to the pier on 9/11 just before its offices were destroyed
by pre-placed demolition charges -- had been a central player in creating
the bio/chem attack scenario for TRIPOD II; became a National Security
adviser to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) beginning on Sept. 10,
the very day TRIPOD II personnel began amassing in New York City,
from which new NIH post he managed the government’s ‘response’ to
the imminent anthrax attacks and the initial cover up of the true anthrax killers;
zealously pushed the ‘bin Laden did it and planes brought down the towers’
official story on CBS News on 9/11 in the immediate aftermath of the attacks
before anyone could have possibly determined the actual cause of the collapses,
taking pains to state that explosives were not involved, when they were;
and according to reports personally advised White House officials and staff
to take anti-anthrax Cipro on 9/11.
Did Hauer recommend that the White House be put on an anti-anthrax antibiotics
on 9/11 because he had reason to believe 9/11 would also involve an anthrax attack
and/or because he had advance knowledge that there would be an actual anthrax attack –against Bob Stevens in Florida – just one week later? It was Hauer, also an expert in the response to building collapses (New York Times, July 27, 1999), who insisted, despite the 1993 terrorist attack on WTC1, that Giuliani still locate his Office of Emergency Management, from which a response to another terrorist attack would have to be orchestrated, in WTC7 -- which collapsed on 9/11 from pre-placed controlled demolition charges -- next door. The OEM opened on the 23rd floor of in June 1999, where Hauer, its director, had his office. Hauer was also
managing director of Kroll Associates before and on 9/11, the company that provided ‘security’ for the World Trade Center, including all three buildings brought down
by controlled demolition that morning, and thus had complete access to pre-place
the explosive charges he adamantly insisted on national TV on 9/11 were not involved.

Is it possible that the 9/11-period TRIPOD II bio/chem-terrorism-attack
exercise scenario involved anthrax? Yes, it is:

On Sept. 11, Janette MacKinlay lived in a fourth floor apartment overlooking
what was soon to become the ‘pit’ of the WTC. Her neighbor and close friend
Bruno told her that he was pulled into a bank lobby off the street next to the
the WTC towers by an FBI agent on the morning of Sept. 11 to protect them
from the dust cloud from the collapsing tower, and was told by the agent that
“We were told this was going to happen and that it would involve anthrax.”
Another FBI agent told a woman about to enter the NBC Bldg. that she should
leave because “there are explosives in the bldg as well as in the WTC.”
The FBI clearly was pre-alerted because their offices were in WTC 7, which
was pre-wired for a controlled demolition take down that day. MacKinlay had
the presence of mind to collect the dust from the cloud that poured into her
4th floor apartment, and it is this dust that physicist Steven Jones has analyzed
and in which he found military-grade thermate as well as other high explosives,
proving the presence of controlled demolition charges throughout the towers
to which ‘Al Qaeda’ could not have had access to place. Though no anthrax
has been reported in the dust – though it may not yet have been tested for –
if TRIPOD II were at least in part on an anthrax attack scenario, it wouldn’t
have used actual anthrax, but an anthrax simulant – an anthrax-like powder
that would disperse through the air in a similar way to the real thing. Experts
should be consulted for the chemical composition of anthrax simulants and
the dust from the WTC collapses tested for these simulants.

In the minds of the script writers for the TRIPOD II emergency response
exercise of Sept. 2001, an attack on the World Trade Center was already
associated with bio/chem terrorism. According to respected New York Times
science writer William Broad, the plan for the 1993 attack on WTC1,
for which alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheihk Mohammed’s nephew
Ramzi Yousef is in prison for life, involved a plot to push cyanide out into
New York City. This is reported in Germs, Broad’s book co-authored with
Judith Miller. Though the latter’s credibility has been seriously compromised,
Broad remains a respected journalist.

There are additional reasons to believe the TRIPOD II bio/chem-terrorism
exercise was at least in part on an anthrax attack scenario, using an anthrax
simulant, and that the letters that ended up being mailed slightly later with
real anthrax may have been written for that exercise.

According to mainstream press reports on Ivins’ alleged involvement in the
anthrax attacks, the anthrax in the mailed letters -- but not the ‘first’ anthrax
allegedly mailed to Florida photo journalist Bob Stevens -- was traced back to
a flask in his laboratory. In fact, the FBI claims that no letter was found
in connection with the anthrax found on Stevens’ computer, though a
‘missing’ letter is assumed.

The Stevens Florida anthrax is therefore critical, both to proving that Ivins,
if he was involved at all, did not act alone, as the Florida anthrax doesn’t
trace back to his lab, and because it’s the 'first' known anthrax and therefore
the closest in time to 9/11 and so most likely to be directly linked to 9/11.

Contrary to the FBI's claims, anthrax was found throughout the American
Media bldg. in Florida -- I have interviewed America Media workers whose
desks were nearest Stevens'; the bldg. was therefore condemned, and the FBI --
who, remember, “were told 9/11 was coming and that it would involve anthrax”--
told the publisher that they, not the taxpayers, would have to clean it up,
at a huge expense. According to the New York Times, this same American
Media building – the first anthrax attack crime scene with its evidence still in place –
was then bought at an anthrax sale price by former NYC Mayor Giuliani,
overseer of the reported Sept. 12 (really Sept. 11?) TRIPOD II bio/chem-terrorism
(anthrax?) exercise, who had just formed a partnership with a decontamination
expert qualified to decontaminate the building. Giuliani, who oversaw the TRIPOD II
bio-chem terrorism exercise of Sept. 10-12 thus oversaw the destruction of evidence
at the crime scene of the 9/11 attacks, the WTC, ordering the steel that contained
traces of controlled demolition explosives to be removed, and the destruction of
evidence at the anthrax attack crime scene, America Media, Inc. in Florida.
The FBI had already joined the conspiracy to obstruct its own investigation by
‘agreeing to the request’ of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine
in Ames, Iowa, to destroy their ‘library’ of over 100 vials of Ames strain anthrax
dating back to 1928 necessary for a definitive scientific match against the anthrax
in the mailed letters, which evidence was destroyed on Oct. 12, 2001, one week
after Bob Stevens died of the strain in Florida.

There have also been reports that, prior to 9/11, official story ‘lead hijacker’
Mohammed Atta was treated in Florida for what could have been anthrax;
that Atta had an apartment in Boca Raton, Florida, where Amerian Media
was located; and even that there was a landlord-tenant relationship between
Atta and an employee of American Media.

A reasonable case can therefore be made that there is a direct link between
Sept. 11 and at least the ‘first’ anthrax attack in Florida; that Giuliani is
complicit in both, which is why he bought and therefore controlled the
FBI-sealed Florida anthrax attack crime scene and ordered the destruction
of evidence at the NYC 9/11 crime scene as well; that Giuliani’s close
friend and colleague Jerome Hauer -- former head of Giuliani's OEM
who became a National Security adviser to the NIH the day before 9/11
just as TRIPOD II personnel were arriving in NYC for a probable anthrax-
scenario exercise -- advised, or even personally took, anti-anthrax Cipro
to Cheney and his White House staff on 9/11 because they were afraid
the anthrax attack exercise scenario might ‘go live’, just as both the
NORAD hijacked-plane ‘exercise’ and the NRO plane-crashing-into-tower
‘exercise’ had already just ‘gone live’ earlier the morning of Sept. 11
as their 'game' scenarios suddenly turned horribly real.

If the Florida anthrax doesn’t link back to Ivins’ Ft. Detrick flask and Ivins,
who worked on anthrax vaccines -- bio-defense – and not its weaponization --
bio-offense – wasn’t behind the attacks, and neither was Hatfill, whom
the FBI just paid $5 million to settle his case for publicly naming him
a ‘person of interest,’ then who was?

Battelle Memorial Institute, a bio-defense contractor located in West Jefferson,
Ohio, has exclusive control of the Ames strain contained in the mailed anthrax letters
and, in partnership with the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency, ran
Project (Operation) Jefferson, the government’s covert and illegal
offensive bio-weapons program whose goal was to develop a hyper-weaponized
form of the anthrax Ames strain found in the letters.

William Patrick, a former top scientist at Ft. Detrick, a close colleague of former
Giuliani OEM Director Jerry Hauer and mentor of initial FBI ‘person of interest’
in the anthrax attacks Steven Hatfill, personally holds five classified patents on
weaponizing anthrax, including one that produces the 1 trillion spores per gram
contained in the anthrax letters mailed to Democratic Congressional leaders Daschle
and Leahy. After leaving Ft. Detrick, Patrick was contracted by Battelle to research
and write a special report on how the mails could be used as the ‘vector’ for
targeting the hyper-weaponized milled spores of the anthrax Ames strain produced
by Project Jefferson. In early Sept. 2001 the super-weaponized Ames strain was
tested in the Nevada desert, and on Sept. 10, the day before 9/11, Secretary of Defense
Rumsfeld announced the ‘success’ of Battelle’s anthrax weaponization Jefferson Project.
Patrick worked with his close friend and colleague, former Soviet bio-weapons
expert Ken Alibek, at Battelle, which also ran Project Clear Vision,
a secret program to reverse engineer dry powder anthrax bombs produced by
the former Soviet Union. Patrick and Alibek were the FBI’s first suspects in the anthrax attacks,
and rightly so. But the initial FBI investigative team was taken off the case and replaced
by a new team headed by Richard Lambert that refocused attention on intentional diversions
Hatfill and Ivins. Director Mueller himself assured a Senator that the FBI “was not
investigating, nor intending to investigate, anyone with, or formerly with, BMI (Battelle).”, a contractual partner with BioPort and Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), also directs the anthrax experimentation at the U.S. military’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, the second ‘home’ in addition to Ft. Detrick of the Ames strain contained in the anthrax letters. Hauer and Hatfill had worked together at SAIC.

Another top candidate is Thomas Monath, former head of Ft. Detrick’s Virology Division and the chief scientist and vice president of BioVax, since renamed Acimbis. A friend of Hatfill’s, he was introduced to Giuliani by Hauer to Giuliani. Project Jefferson, in fact, began at a 1998 meeting attended by William Patrick, Hauer, Monath and then Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

Yet another top candidate for the team behind the anthrax latter attacks is Battelle’s former Chief Scientist for Special Programs, Dr. Barry Erlick, who also served as Chief Scientist for Biological and Chemical Warfare at the Defense Intelligence Agency, a Battelle partner in Project Jefferson, until June 2001 -- shortly before 9/11. In the summer of 2001 leading up to 9/11 and on Sept. 10, the day before 9/11, top U.S. military and military contractor bio-defense experts held a series of terror response planning meetings and exercises in connection with the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Consequence Management Interoperability System (CMIS) -- renamed the Disaster Management Interoperability Services (DMIS) after 9/11 -- in which Erlick and Battelle’s then Director of Department of Defense Operations Richard D. Munnikhuysen played key roles. Many of the summer 2001 ‘terror planning meetings’ were held in Johnstown, Penn., near Shanksville, site of the ‘crash’ of one of the four 9/11 planes. A terror workshop involving Erlick and the head of CMIS, Dr. Scott Eyestone, was held in Johnstown on July 9, 2001, and another was held there on Sept. 10, the day TRIPOD II bio/chem-terror attack exercise personnel arrived in another 9/11 attack target, New York City. Between 1978 and 1982, Erlick was a Principal Research Investigator and Deputy Chief of Viral Biology at Ft. Detrick. In 1982 he joined the U.S. Army Medical Information and Intelligence Agency, renamed the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC) in 1986. After 1982, Erlick served in numerous senior level positions for AFMIC and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), including Chief of the Scientific and Technical Division and Chief Scientist, AFMIC; Chief of the Department of Defense Biological Threat Analysis Center; Chairman of the
Chemical and Biological Warfare Subcommittee of the Weapons and Space Systems Intelligence Committee of the Director of Central Intelligence; and Senior Scientist and Deputy Chief of Chemical and Biological Warfare Analysis Division of the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as Battelle’s Chief Scientist for Special Programs.

Given the timing, is almost certain that the false flag anthrax attacks were the engineered pretext for the still secret warrantless domestic wiretap program that Bush signed the first ‘authorization’ for on Oct. 23, 2001 – right in the middle of the anthrax scare. Senator McCain had just gone on ABC on Oct. 18, 2001, to push the intentional disinformation that a nonexistent additive bentonite, purportedly marking the anthrax as having come from Saddam Hussen, meant that Iraq was behind the attacks. The White House still refuses to provide this alleged 'first' presidential authorization for the warrantless inside-the-U.S. taps program to Congress, and for obvious reason. This is the alleged authorization that we now know claims that 4th Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures do not apply to U.S. military operations inside the U.S. The fact that the Bush Administration continued this secret domestic spying program long after its was publicly known that the anthrax attacks were an inside job is strong evidence the attacks were perpetrated by the same individuals who then used them to justify the illegal taps program – the White House. Exposing the links between the inside job anthrax attacks and the false pretext for the domestic warrantless wiretap program is thus critical to bringing the Administration to full accountability for its attacks against thousands of innocent American civilians as well as its ‘Reichtag (Parliament) Fire’ attack on Congress via the anthrax letters to Senators Daschle and Leahy, then resisting the Administration’s railroading of the Patriot Act – the analog to Hitler’s Enabling Act passed in the wake of the Reichtag Fire – through Congress.

The anthrax attacks and Sept. 11 were both inside jobs. ‘Al Qaeda’ didn’t do either.
Anthrax was part of a bio-terrorism attack ‘exercise’ scenario planned for 9/11 itself
or at the very latest the next day. We have seen the terrorists, and they are U.S.

It’s time for ‘pre-impeachment’ hearings to interrogate these suspects, and others who worked with them, under oath to expose who among them wears The Scarlet A.

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