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NEWS FLASH! April Gallup interview..She was inside the Pentagon on 911 and saw no evidence of an was an explosion iinside the building.

April Gallup 911 Pentagon Survivor on alex Jones TV : No Plane Part One

April Gallup Was there a bomb in the Pentagon #2

alexJones April Gallup #3

Aprol Gallup #4

Press Release Mon., Dec. 15, 2008
New York City, New York

A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan Monday charges Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld,and ex-Air Force General Richard Myers, acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefson September 11th with “broad complicity” in the attacks of that horrific day. The suit seeks damages, triple damages and punitive damages for an ex-U.S.Army member who, along with her two-month-old baby, was injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

The ex-G.I. plaintiff alleges she has been denied government support since then, because she raised “painful questions” about the inexplicable failure of military defenses at the Pentagon that day, and especially the failure of officials to warn and evacuate the occupants of the building when they knew the attack was imminent.

The complaint alleges the three leaders and other “unknown, named” U.S. military and civilian officials engaged in a conspiracy to “facilitate and enable” the Attack on America; because they wished to bring about a “frightening catastrophe of terrorism”, “a new Pearl Harbor”, which would create “a powerful reaction of fear and anger in the public and in Washington”. This would generate an “atmosphere of acceptance” which would allow the longed-for neo-conservative political and military program to go forward: invade Afghanistan, pass the Patriot Act, invade Iraq, tap phones, etc; torture, lie, intimidate, etc.

The plaintiff AG [April Gallop] was a career soldier, holding top secret clearance, who had an agreeable assignment in Germany until she was abruptly transferred to the Pentagon in 2000. On September 11, 2001, she had a new baby boy, Elisha, with her on her first day back from a two-month maternity leave. She was told by her supervisor to hurry to her desk that morning, for an urgent document-clearing job, and to drop the baby off at child care later. She got to her office, turned on her computer, and the place blew up. There were at least two big explosions that she heard and felt.

The walls collapsed, the ceiling fell in, she was hit in the head and knocked unconscious; she came to, grabbed the baby (who was also hit in the head), and picked her way out to where daylight was showing, wherethe front of the first floor had been blown off. The insides of the building were also blown out; but there was no sign of any wrecked airliner, and no burning jet fuel splashed anywhere.

There is also no sign of airliner wreckage in any photograph that has been published so far; and there are many photographs that show a clear absence of wreckage, and plain evidence of blast damage. Many internet sites carry the pictures. See, e.g, ;

Meanwhile, there are said to be some 85 videotapes from various surveillance cameras on and around the Pentagon, which the U.S. Department of Justice is withholding from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. What do they show, or not show?

The Pentagon has released two video clips from cameras showing the side of the Pentagon that was hit. In the first, at about 1:07, just after a car passes in front, a white or silver projectile-shaped object appears at the right edge of the picture, opposite the building; and the next frames show an explosion beginning at the front of the building, followed by a fireball. The object is indistinct, and definitely not recognizable as an airliner.

In the second tape, from a camera a little further away but with the same general view, you see the car pass, and then at 25 seconds, a plume of white smoke shows on the right side, where the shape was in the first tape. A parking lot entry ticket device in the foreground hides the object emitting the smoke, and the explosion begins in the next frame; but plainly there is no giant airliner hidden behind the parking device, about to strike the building. Both tapes, obtained by Judicial Watch in 2006 are at:,13319,97499,00.html

The official report suggests the plane disintegrated on impact, but also that parts of it plowed all the way through to the back wall of the “C-ring”, some 300 feet from where it hit on the outside; but there are no pictures of airplane wreckage inside the building either.

See ;

see also

The plaintiff alleges her belief that no airliner crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, although it appears that one swooped low over the building just when bombs went off inside, or a missile hit, or both. These may have been controlled from E-4B, the Air Force “doomsday plane” which was shown live on CNN, circling over Washington at the time of the attack.

But whether a plane hit the building or something else did, certainly there was no warning of a plane's approach; which might have saved the plaintiff and her child, many others who were hurt, and the 125 people, members of the military and civilian employees, who died in the attack that morning. Yet flight controllers broadcast an emergency warning about the plane more than a half-four before the Pentagon was hit.

The explosion(s) destroyed the interior of the building where plaintiff’s office was. When she could gather herself from the blast, with help from other survivors, they made their way out through rubble, smoke and dust. She got to the outside, holding her baby, collapsed on the grass, and woke up later inthe hospital.

Officials came to the hospital and asked her what she thought happened. She told them a bomb went off; but they said no, in fact, an airplane crashed into the building. She asked, and has continued to ask: where were the fighter planes, that have protected America's skies for so long; that normally go up once or twice a week, at a moment’s notice, to check on off-course airliners? Where were the Pentagon's defenses? Where was the alarm, to get the people out of harm's way?

These are painful questions, indeed, and Rumsfeld and Cheney have not given good or even decent answers. Their multiple stories, especially as embodied in the duplicitous Report of the Official 9/11 Commission, controlled by Bush Administration insider Phillip Zelikow, do not hold water and can be proven false. The Report is full of errors, omissions and distortions, and has been thoroughly discredited, in the writings of David Ray Griffin and numerous others.

AG went to a special Commission hearing in 2004, open only to survivors, and watched as Donald Rumsfeld gave rambling, evasive answers about the failure of the Pentagon defenses, particularly the fighter planes. The Commissioners failed to confront his non-responsiveness, and never pinned him down. Cheney was observed in the White House bunker that morning by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, apparently giving orders that the plane headed towards Washington be allowed to continue. Cheney has never testified or been reasonably questioned about his actions.

We brought this lawsuit for AG and her son to hold them to account...

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Richard Grove, Premier whistlblower

Richard Grove, 911 Whistleblower Extraordinaire

We Are Change interviews Richard Grove (part 1 of 3) By Richard Grove
View in HD  Download 540p Version  Visit Richard Grove's ExposureRoom Videos Page

We are change Part One

We Are Change interviews Richard Grove (part 2 of 3) By Richard Grove
View in HD  Download 540p Version  Visit Richard Grove's ExposureRoom Videos Page

Part Two

We Are Change interviews Richard Grove (part 1 of 3) By Richard Grove
View in HD  Download 540p Version  Visit Richard Grove's ExposureRoom Videos Page

Part Three

Richard Gage returns from a very succesful European tour

Final Report on the European Tour -- A Great Success!

by Richard Gage, AIA

It looks like the Europe Tour was an awesome success!
Thousands of Europeans were exposed to the truth about
the explosive controlled demolitions of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11 — in 9 cities, across 6 countries, including London, Madrid, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Aachen, Brussels,Hamburg, and Berlin.
Hundreds of architects & engineers came to see what all the controversy was about. (See the numbers in the individual event records). Mainstream media in Spain gave us a good TV interview and prime time coverage of the AE911Truth presentation. About 8 other radio and TV interviews provided additional coverage. Full houses in Madrid and Paris caused people to be turned away. I gave some of the better presentations I've ever given and received a standing ovation.
Language was not an issue because we had translators where it was most necessary. And the numbers of hands raised revealed that hardly anyone supported the official conspiracy and fire story after the evidence was given. The event coordinators in every one of the 9 cities showed up and performed professionally from start to finish – working around the clock to ensure=2 0that publicity via the TV & news media, marketing to A&E's, and even leafleting on the street, as well as all the facility
coordination went without a hitch! These guys are incredible and give the Americans an edge to strive for!

A huge thank you to Ms. Annie Machon from London, whose tireless efforts and seamless skills went toward putting the tour together, and who coordinated all of the European Coordinator activities to ensure my efficient travel and other details. And to the lead EC's themselves: Gareth and Douglass in London; Diana and Greg in Madrid; Daniel T. and Jimmy W. in Vienna; Richard Golay, Florian and Valerie in Geneva; Arno, and Deborah in Paris; Channing in Aachen; Jean-Luc and Eric in Brussels; Jens and Inez in Hamburg; Ronald, Oliver, Heiner, Hauke, Sebastian, and Clifford in Berlin. You and your team are all national and world patriots, and heroes!

I was treated in every city to an incredible whirlwind tour by our gracious EC's. At the top of my list, though, had to be the harrowing motorcycle ride through the medieval streets of Paris – and the Avenue Champs-Élysées – after which Arno brought to life the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and other famous treats to the eye. A close tie had to be the modern domed architectural
masterpiece of Sir Norman Foster at the top of the historic Reichstag in Berlin, and Charlemagne's ma gnificent cathedral in Aachen. And don't miss the "Gherkin" — a pickled shape20building in London, also designed by Sir Norman Foster with an amazing cross-spiraling perimeter structure. (see photos in the galleries below)

Don't wait to go to Europe until you're 53! You'll regret having missed so much of the unique people and architecture. They are indeed quite aware of and sensitive to the growing political/social/military machine in America. We really don't see it because we live in it and haven't been given an outside view of it through our media. It seems
that almost everyone in Europe disfavors the outgoing American Administration – and with a passion! And that is even without hearing the evidence in our 9/11 presentation and its obvious implications.
There is quite a move in the European community to bring David Ray Griffin over this spring. Willie Rodriquez recently completed a short powerful tour. And they seem to want AE911Truth back in 6 months. The truth and the truth-tellers are relentless in Europe. We will support them wholeheartedly. It seems that it will require massive
international pressure upon our American Government in order to compel necessary self-reflection and moral will-power of our elected representatives to engage the weighty issues of 9/11 head on, raise truth and justice upon their shoulders, and let the chips fall where they may. My sense is that all of Europe will come to the aid of an ailing America, as we have to them in their times of peril. It has been an20immense honor for AE911Truth to be one small voice in the sea of American cries for help from20our friends across theAtlantic.
I am so grateful for an enlightening and enriching trip where deep friendships and alliances have been forged. Let's build on the momentum!

— Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

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Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally..3 videos and a link to the new radio program dedicated to the investigation of 911

MPORTANT new 9/11 online radio show -- with Links...

Hello all,

Thanks to all who listened in on the first installment of “9/11: Truth or
Consequences” last Tuesday. Many people were amazed by the Wayne Madsen
statement we played in which he said there are people within the NSA who
would testify if there were to be a new 9/11 investigation. As one
listener said, "This single-handedly proves the need for a new
investigation". To view the video clip of this statement, go to:

Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally - Part One

To view the rest of Wayne's presentation:

Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally - Part Two

Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally - Part Three

Proof of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buidings on 9/11

Although seven years have passed since 9/11, millions of people
throughout the general public and even the “progressive” population still
far too little awareness of glaring flaws, errors, omissions, and
outright lies given by the official 9/11 investigation. These millions
actually believe 9/11 was investigated and the official story was proven
to be true! Therefore, it remains imperative to analyze the so-called
investigation in detail, and work to inform the public of the deception
that occurred, its implications, the role of the media, and the necessity
for calling for a real investigation which would honor the victims, their
families,.first responders, and ourselves. The only acceptable outcome is
truth and justice.

This week we’ll look at the following:

Why did it take 14 months before the Bush Administration authorized a
9/11 investigation? What were the parameters? If the American public
realized the narrow scope of the official 9/11 investigation, the
limitations imposed on it, and the role played by Executive Director
Philip Zelikow, how would they react? We will look at many facts
presented by David Ray Griffin (author of “New Pearl Harbor” and many
more 9/11 books and articles) and Philip Shenon (NY Times journalist,
author of “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11
Investigation) showing the true nature of the Kean/Hamilton/Zelikow
Commission which reveal that this was anything but an authentic

We’ll also hear an analysis from Jersey widow, Mindy Kleinberg, which
shows how preposterous it is to believe that so many “coincidences” could
have occurred if the official account was true.

Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally Part One

Part Two.

Part Three

Roland Carnaby Assasinated by Houston police

Police Cam Shooting CIA Agent Roland Carnaby Released by Law enforcement