Monday, December 15, 2008

Richard Gage returns from a very succesful European tour

Final Report on the European Tour -- A Great Success!

by Richard Gage, AIA

It looks like the Europe Tour was an awesome success!
Thousands of Europeans were exposed to the truth about
the explosive controlled demolitions of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11 — in 9 cities, across 6 countries, including London, Madrid, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Aachen, Brussels,Hamburg, and Berlin.
Hundreds of architects & engineers came to see what all the controversy was about. (See the numbers in the individual event records). Mainstream media in Spain gave us a good TV interview and prime time coverage of the AE911Truth presentation. About 8 other radio and TV interviews provided additional coverage. Full houses in Madrid and Paris caused people to be turned away. I gave some of the better presentations I've ever given and received a standing ovation.
Language was not an issue because we had translators where it was most necessary. And the numbers of hands raised revealed that hardly anyone supported the official conspiracy and fire story after the evidence was given. The event coordinators in every one of the 9 cities showed up and performed professionally from start to finish – working around the clock to ensure=2 0that publicity via the TV & news media, marketing to A&E's, and even leafleting on the street, as well as all the facility
coordination went without a hitch! These guys are incredible and give the Americans an edge to strive for!

A huge thank you to Ms. Annie Machon from London, whose tireless efforts and seamless skills went toward putting the tour together, and who coordinated all of the European Coordinator activities to ensure my efficient travel and other details. And to the lead EC's themselves: Gareth and Douglass in London; Diana and Greg in Madrid; Daniel T. and Jimmy W. in Vienna; Richard Golay, Florian and Valerie in Geneva; Arno, and Deborah in Paris; Channing in Aachen; Jean-Luc and Eric in Brussels; Jens and Inez in Hamburg; Ronald, Oliver, Heiner, Hauke, Sebastian, and Clifford in Berlin. You and your team are all national and world patriots, and heroes!

I was treated in every city to an incredible whirlwind tour by our gracious EC's. At the top of my list, though, had to be the harrowing motorcycle ride through the medieval streets of Paris – and the Avenue Champs-Élysées – after which Arno brought to life the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and other famous treats to the eye. A close tie had to be the modern domed architectural
masterpiece of Sir Norman Foster at the top of the historic Reichstag in Berlin, and Charlemagne's ma gnificent cathedral in Aachen. And don't miss the "Gherkin" — a pickled shape20building in London, also designed by Sir Norman Foster with an amazing cross-spiraling perimeter structure. (see photos in the galleries below)

Don't wait to go to Europe until you're 53! You'll regret having missed so much of the unique people and architecture. They are indeed quite aware of and sensitive to the growing political/social/military machine in America. We really don't see it because we live in it and haven't been given an outside view of it through our media. It seems
that almost everyone in Europe disfavors the outgoing American Administration – and with a passion! And that is even without hearing the evidence in our 9/11 presentation and its obvious implications.
There is quite a move in the European community to bring David Ray Griffin over this spring. Willie Rodriquez recently completed a short powerful tour. And they seem to want AE911Truth back in 6 months. The truth and the truth-tellers are relentless in Europe. We will support them wholeheartedly. It seems that it will require massive
international pressure upon our American Government in order to compel necessary self-reflection and moral will-power of our elected representatives to engage the weighty issues of 9/11 head on, raise truth and justice upon their shoulders, and let the chips fall where they may. My sense is that all of Europe will come to the aid of an ailing America, as we have to them in their times of peril. It has been an20immense honor for AE911Truth to be one small voice in the sea of American cries for help from20our friends across theAtlantic.
I am so grateful for an enlightening and enriching trip where deep friendships and alliances have been forged. Let's build on the momentum!

— Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

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